Blurry liveries

Hey there folks,
Lately I’ve been experiencing very blurry liveries in multiplayer. This isn’t the problem with my aircraft, but with others.

I have an IOS 13.3.1 6th generation. With the latest version of IF.
I tried to re-install the app but it didn’t work…

Here’s an example of such a “blurry livery”:

Normally I could perfectly read “Royal Dutch airlines”, but suddenly I can’t

This is very annoying when I want to make screenshots, do you guys maybe know why this problem is occurring?
Thanks in advance 🙂

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The quality of an aircraft of another player is lower than your own, since you are downloading yours locally. Another reason could be a slower internet connection.

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But other people don’t have it…

Could you send a screenshot?

This happens to me as well. I believe they do not render as your quality type selected for your session unfortunately if I recall correctly. If I’m incorrect, feel free to correct myself. ;)

This is something that the devs I believe put in place since one of the more recent updates. By lowering the frame rate of others’ aircrafts, it allows your device to run smoother and have less lags. Since the aircraft nowadays are becoming more and more integrated and “high tech”, there is more data needed to stream, and therefore it can help the device by lowering any “background” graphics that aren’t as important to running the sim on your device.

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Settings > graphics > rendering resolution

You can’t be in game. I’m on high and they have seemed to have stepped down though.

Normally I could read “Royal Dutch airlines” but now it’s just blurry text

Okay, thanks

Is this a screenshot? Cuz i don’t think they should be blurry if your taking a screen shot. They re-render all the details when you take one, that’s why it takes some time to get the full image. It’s only when it’s in game mode that it limits the frames

That is a screenshot from replay


I think what I meant to say is is this a screen shot taken in game (from replay) or just a screen shot from your device? Like did you use that little camera button in replay mode?

Yes, I used that little camera

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Hmm, interesting. Yeah I don’t know why it’s doing this in a screen shot too

what is your rendering settings ??

hmmmm… interesting, something the Staff can shed some light on. unsure though.

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Has your internet been slower recently? This could be an issue with the internet speed from your ISP. Because of the amount of people working and staying at home due to isolation from coronavirus, this may be effecting your internet. Australia is just starting to go into lockdown and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my internet speed.

Aircraft can become low-quality when your internet is slow.

My internet is perfectly fine…, but your speculation does sound logical. But no, my internet didn’t became slower