Blurry image in global

Hey, i know that the server is still not up 100% yet, but is it normal for the image to be this blury on global, or is it just my phone then? Flying over australia here

iPhone 6S
iOS 11.0.3

Some areas have less quality terrain than others.

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I always use this settings, so that’s why i’m wondering if this is normal or not.

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Should be a lot better then that! whats the state?

I’ve flown around AUS and it’s beautiful.


Servers should be 100%; Aurstralia is fully covered with 15m resolution imagery so this is most likely a bug.

Does it still happen if you restart this flight (fully quit the app, kill it from background and relaunch it)?

If it does, try reinstalling the app, your “scenery cache” might be corrupted.


Yeah, but if i’m not mistaken Australia got full colored covered (on IF’s post in IG)

Okay, will try it now! Thank you.

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Beautiful scenery. My Country. 😏🇦🇺🍻


There is maybe fog down there or visibility is low, anyways at that altitude it might be normal. There might be some bad weather. That’s what happens to me. As I descend the scenery view gets better. Or sometimes the weather is great and I have a fantastic view.

By the way I have the same device and OS.


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Thank you everyone!
Problem fix, just did what philippe say, reinstall the app and everything run as it should be.