Blurry and ugly ground textures

All of a sudden I have been getting blurry ground textures when I play infinite flight, making the game look rather ugly. Right after departure its fine but as I climb up to cruising altitude the textures becomes blurry, the textures right under me are a bit better but they still clearly aren’t at the quality they are supposed to be at. I checked my download speed on speed test and its at 100mpbs, and I have a new iPadPNG PNG PNG I also always clear the scenery cache after every flight and restart my iPad.

I think that’s normal

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Yeah but if you look on the top one there is a line where the textures become blurry

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Ya I have that too but I think that’s normal

Okay, I guess thats normal then but it only started happening a couple of weeks ago, anyway thanks for the reply

That current line and blur is just scenery loading in. That’s the way infinite flight global works. We cannot simply load all scenery at once because we are using hand held devices that can’t support that much power. Only sections of scenery will be fully loaded in depending on aircraft location. Unfortunately that’s the way it works. Happy flyings 😃

if there was HD that would be better

It’s not fog? Where you flying? What’s the forecast? You are in the right vicinity, that’s why I am asking.

Okay thanks for the reply, now I know that that is normal

It’s not like they can’t get hold of HD sceneries, most people device here will explode. Boom!

Even more money. I think not.

Usally the scenerom looks good at 39000 feet, so i do understad you, although you are mabya at like 15000 feet, dont really look good from there tho…

It’s so infinite flight uses as little storage as possible. The whole world on infinite flight is 15 gigabytes and no one wants that much taken up. If you don’t want the blurry imaging, fly around the world 🙃

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