Blurred topography

While climbing or descending I noticed that the topography beneath turns blurred, losing the crisp resolution it has when in flight. I am using an iPad Air 2, iOS 11.03 (latest version updated).

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Where were you flying to or from?

Where did you fly out of? Some areas have 500m imagery instead of the 15.

As you get closer to the ground the topography doesn’t look as good, it looks its best usually at cruise alt.

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Taking off from JFK runway 4L

The scenery becomes more blurry the closer to the ground you are, and to maximise the clarity of it, make sure to turn all your Graphics settings to High or Very High.

Yes, at cruising altitude it looks awesome.

I think there is no issue then, as you get closer the less it looks good.


Click the Graphics button on the sidebar.

I remembered in one post Philippe said anything below the 60th parallel has good topography (correct me if I’m wrong.)

put the rendering quality on high

Turn Rendering Quality up to High. That’ll sort things out.

Thanks! That improved the image quality.

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New York is within 60ºN and 60ºS.

As we mentioned many times, our HD imagery has a 15m resolution which looks great at cruise altitude but is blurry close to the ground.
More detailed imagery is very hard to obtain, is usually inconsistent and is extremely expensive(100s of thousand of dollar if not millions). On top of that, it would require to download more data which could be a problem for ppl on cellular network.
We prefer to offer a consistent cruise altitude experience for millions of square miles rather than spoty higher resolution imagery for the time being.
We do plan on adding more ground detail down the road once we have full coverage at 15m.


Thank you very much. That improved the image quality a lot.

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It wasn’t that - it was just he had the rendering set to medium. I think it’s solved now!

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