Blurred texture

Hello IFC, I remember that in version 19.3 there is a texture bug when you look at the planes from the front, an image gets blurred

in 19.4 it seems that this changed sides, see that my plane (LATAM) the quality is excellent, the other (TAM) is blurred, is this normal?

My graphic settings

Rendering Quality - High
Rendering Resolution - High
Texture Quality - High
Anti-Aliasing - On
Limit Frame Rate - Off
Airplane Count - Very High


What device do you have?

Zenfone 5z


Is the TAM plane your aircraft or another users? (I’m not knowledgeable around Android devices)

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mine is the back (LATAM)


Does this texture quality loss happen from any other angle or is it just from this one? I believe it is normal to save battery and FPS

occurs with all aircraft that are not equal to which i’m currently using, and from any angle


Yes, I believe this is intentional to save battery and FPS.

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