Blurred Rendering of Aircraft

I spawned at LFPG In a 777-300ER Just to see that the interior cockpit and the exterior of the aircraft had blurred renderings. Does anyone else experience this?

Device iPhone 14 P.M.
Operating system: iOS 16

Hey, what graphics settings are you currently using?

  • Make sure your texture settings are high if low
  • Try restarting your device, that should fix the issue.

Hope that helps!

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It did not… here’s some picks

If setting rendering and texture settings to high doesn’t work and neither does restarting the device, the next step I can think of would be to try reinstalling the game.

If I do that my subscription is still active right? Also will I lose my replays?

In the pictures you have shown, the B747 and A380 are legacy aircraft. They are not up to date like the recently reworked aircraft and lack the essential details.

As for the image of the B77W, what version of Infinite Flight are you using? It could be you on an older version way before the rework. Of course, this could be highly unlikely.

You should also check your graphic settings.

It’s the current version and renderings of the A338 and the 747 were never that blurry.

What are your graphic settings at this current moment?

I put them on high and it still looks the same

Found that out the hard way.

Just for in the future, you can keep replays that you want to keep by sharing them and saving them to a storage app. On iOS your best bet is to click share and then save to files.

I imagine the process is the same on android but just use the android counterpart to the files app.

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