Bluetooth keyboard

Device: iPad 8th Gen
Operating system: iPadOS 15.5

Hello, I’ve recently bought a simple wireless keyboard to use it for assigning commands on IF. After pairing it with my iPad, IF did not recognize it at all. I’ve learned that it may not work this way on the forum, so I downloaded LiveFlight Connect on my laptop, with which I pair the keyboard. Now I’m faced with the issue that even if LFC connects to the sim, IF still doesn’t recognize my inputs on the keyboard. What should I do, because I’m suspicious that I’ve been doing something wrong since the beginning?

It may just be that IF doesn’t and won’t recognize the keyboard.

I guess that’s it. There is just a response from a moderator to another topic which gives me doubts, though. It is this:

He says that a general Bluetooth controller should work with IF, so I don’t understand why this one doesn’t.

I’ve come to think that LiveFlight Connect does not work properly due to its deprecation. So per a moderator’s advice I’ll provide some additional info about the keyboard to see how it can remain undetected by IF after direct pairing with the iPad. It can be found here:

It is of a not so famous Chinese company named Rytaki and it works well with my iPad through Bluetooth 3.0. But, as I said earlier, it does not work with the IF commands. I would really appreciate a response if anyone has tried a similar type of keyboard, or has an idea why it may not work.

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