BlueTooth Keyboard not recognized - IOS

My BlueTooth keyboards are not recognized as a “Device” under the Controller section under Settings on my iPad (IOS).

I’ve tried both a Cellet BT keyboard and a Logitech keyboard cover and while both work fine with the iPad, neither are recognized as a control device in IF.

IF: Latest and greatest
IOS: ver 8.3
iPad 4

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Can you even use a keyboard to control IF?

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With LiveFlight Connect you can, once it’s released

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Bluetooth keyboard is only supported with Android then?

At the moment I think yes. You might get better results with upgrading to iOS 9

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You noticed that, huh? :)

I have an “available memory” problem at the moment and don’t have enough room for the upgrade. I’ll make room if it will help.

I have tried before but had no luck in getting my keyboard to hook up to IF.

Well, I think I just answered my own question…

I tried my Logitech cover/KB and it works fine as a command controller for IF on my Android phone, even though it doesn’t show up as an “available device”. It does work, however.

I tried again on my iPad 4 and still no go. Looks like the Bluetooth keyboard feature direct to IF is for Android only. Most likely won’t work for IOS until the LiveFlight Connect app is released, like Sean said.

I can still use it to message on the forum though!

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Can you use a Belkin Bluetooth Keyboard

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