Bluetooth Keyboard compatibility

Hi everyone.

Fairly new to the community/game (no thanks, I do not need a welcome, I know how most things work) and I had a question. Is IF compatible with any Bluetooth keyboard? I got this idea first because I saw keyboard input keys
At Setttings -> Controls -> Commands. I own an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and thought maybe p, if it worked, I would just use that. Honestly, I think it’s just some controller setup, but just asking.


Very funny… Any ways I have tried to connect my Bluetooth keyboard to my iPad with no luck. However, it works perfectly with LiveFlight Connect:)

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OK thanks! Do you know if there are any requests for this already? I might suggest it, it seems (I don’t know anything about coding) like a fairly easy thing to do…

I think it’s supposed to work… But I’m not sure