Bluetooth Joystick - Modification of Bluetooth Controller

Hello IFC!

Now that iOS 13 has been released, and supports Bluetooth connections to MFi devices, joysticks . However, no MFi Joysticks exist for flight sims.

Using an Xbox Wireless Controller (or equivalent), I will attempt to create an MFi compatible joystick. This will involve heavy modifications to the controller, as well as 3D-printed parts to make the thumbsticks into real joysticks. The joystick should lie on a flat base, and not be in the shape of a controller. I will use this thread as a development thread, if I decide to go ahead with this project.

Do any of u have an interest in smth like this?

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I was actually thinking of doing something like this but making the joystick out of cardboard or something like that. However I cannot get the triggers to work for the throttle.

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For this project, I am planning on using he right thumbstick as throttle. I will attempt to modify the thumbstick so that it no longer snaps back to center when released.

IOS 13 moved away from the need for MiFi, now any Bluetooth controller should work. Xbox controllers are not MiFi. I don’t know if a Bluetooth joystick would work though…

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That makes more sense. I only think PS4 and Xbox controllers work tho, which is why i am using an Xbox controller.

I know the need for MiFi (which stands for made for iPhone) was removed. It is my understanding that the XBox and Duleshock controllers were well publicized since they are Bluetooth compatible controllers that are well known, and in many homes already. I think all Bluetooth controllers should work, I’ll test it right now, I have an off brand Bluetooth controller.

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Alright! Thank you for testing that, because it would make this cheaper for me!

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I’m honestly not sure on this one. It seems as though maybe the XBox and PS4 controllers have been in some way folded into the MiFi spec, everything I can find says it is only those two, but I can’t even get this one to show up in Bluetooth settings which seems weird, but XBox/Duleshock seem like the safe choice… they are going to be very hard to mod though…

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I found this:

Seems cheaper, and is MFi supported .

If it’s from apples website it’s good compatibility wise. I can’t speak for the controllers quality, but it should work…

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Yeah it will work. I will post updates and pictures here as the project evolves!

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The controller has just arrived. It works 100% with IF, except for the triggers.

In order to provide the maximum amount of functionality on this joystick, I will only remove the non functional triggers. The shoulder buttons will be moved with the rest of the buttons as well, for reverse thrust, parking break, toe breaks, etc. I will remove the spring on the throttle joystick, so that the throttle will not spring back to 50% as well. I will start the modding tomorrow hopefully.

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