Bluetooth controller not being read by infinite flight

Has anyone else had issues with their device that they might use, I’ve seen a different ticket for BlueStacks but it seems he got it to work. As of today with the new update the same device I’ve been using since 2016 is no longer working on IF. I did fly yesterday and it was working properly I went and tried a different one at radio shack. It is not being read by IF so I did not purchase it. The android version is the latest as it has been working just fine for the last five years I’ve had it. This update broke my heart as my home airport was added but I can no longer use my compatible device.


This is most likely the same issue as here:

We’re working on it and can hopefully provide some better insights to it soon!

I hope it does get corrected, even though you mentioned in a different post that nothing has changed. I just went and tried different controllers which do work but not with IF. Kinda sad I was ready to fly today, hopefully something can be done my device has been working with the app for a couple (7) years now.

That post was about Bluestacks.
Regarding controllers - something obviously have changed since it’s broken with the app :)

Hopefully that something has a solution

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