Bluetooth adapter to use a joystick on iPad

Could I use a bluetooth adapter connected to my iPad and a joystick to use a joystick without a PC? Using these items. Thanks.


I’m not sure if that will work. Personally I have to connect my joy stick to a pc for it to work.

Cheers, Wilson

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It is unlikely this will work, as most joysticks still need to be powered to function.

An OTG (type C/ lightning to usb a) can do the job on some devices, but in many scenarios it’ll require the use of a PC or compatible wireless device.

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Thanks for the responses, I might look into a android tablet instead.

In that case, rather than replacing a perfectly good tablet, I’d recommend looking at this:

It’s always handy to have a raspberry pi around, even if you don’t use it for this. Want to play a version of Minecraft almost a decade out of date? Make your own custom media centre? A camera? Leave it in a drawer and completely forget what you’d planned to do with it?

It’ll vary by location, but you can pick up a second hand, or even new one dirt cheap. A 2 or newer should suffice, though the 4 is certainly a nice upgrade.

Jobs a good 'un.

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I use exactly this IFRaspberrypi


That would work, but for some reason in my country, (australia), prices for Raspberry Pi’s are really expensive, I just saw a Zero selling for 88AUD on ebay. Maybe I could use my old MacBook through some software instead? Or maybe it would be worth it trying to find a cheaper Pi.

Alight so after the I found the “Raspberry Pi 3B+” for 58AUD. Is that a steal?

I’m making lots of updates here but, I have 200AUD to spend, so I am going to get a Raspberry Pi 3A, and the logitech 3D extreme pro to use with my iPad air 2 with infinite flight.

@TullamarineYM70 Have you tried Map Connect?

I have tested it and it works very well.

I’ll have a look at it when I get my joystick.


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