Bluestacks Support not working?


Do you guys know approximately when bluestacks support will be back up? I’d love to fly on my computer as I have done for months before the new update but it’s still unavailable since the update has been released.

Bluestacks is not supported with this infinite flight, and no need to post the same thread twice.

I think you got your answer in your previous thread.


Infinite flight has also never officially supported emulators. So even if it may have worked, it’s hardly something to be upset about since this wasn’t really a removed feature…

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They said they would work on a fix soon if you read correctly, just wondered how long it would take. Thx.

If you could quote where they said that, that would be great.

In the link shown above by yourself

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image @jet_centric

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Hi @nathank,

I’ve also played Infinite Flight in BlueStacks on my PC for quite a while. I began using it several months ago. I recently updated to 19.4 and I’m also having the same issue. It’s somewhat of an inconvenience, as I typically use BlueStacks for longer flights. I would try looking on the BlueStacks site for a previous legacy version of the software, and try it there. I’m going to do the same, and if I have any luck, I’ll let you know. If you find anything, I’d appreciate a reply, or feel free to message me.




Sure thing! I’ll try and do that and see if I get anywhere and let you know. Hopefully they will get a hot fix for it out soon if not. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻


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