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How may I find the replay files after running IF on BlueStacks?

It only gives me the option of sharing on whatsapp which wont work on pc. I want to know where the replay files are stored on the desktop.

Is it maybe possible with Whatsapp Web?

Bluestacks is not officially supported by IF, and hence, any problems you encounter may not be resolved.

However, I did find a page from the Bluestacks support center that has instructions in regard to this topic.

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I couldnt get it to work with whatsapp on my pc

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Check the new link in above post, linked wrong link before edit.

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Transferring files from BS to your PC is separate from IF being able to save files to BS. So far I have not been able to do this and this is one reason I don’t use it.

I actually found a way. I installed discord on BlueStacks, also. Now, it gives me the option to share on discord. I created a personal server on discord, and shared the replay file from IF to my personal server on discord. then I could save the individual file from discord to my pc.

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