BlueStacks integraded on PC with Joystick

I have been searching threads all the way back to 2015, where the joystick was added to play with the android and apple phones, but I can’t find an instance where the joystick can be used to play with bluestacks on the PC. I’ve been able to play with my android and joystick, but would like to play on the computer and big screen. Can someone please help and tell me if there is a way to play this way? I absolutely love this simulation. In my opinion, it’s the best out there and I will continue to subscribe and play if I can access it with my gaming laptop. Thanks again for your help in advance!


Hey there, Bill!

First off, welcome to the Community!

Secondly, check out this post that has a little more information on bluestacks and Infinite Flight. Please note it is not officially supported.

Addition, check out this topic, it’s loaded with good information

Sending a message to @cpt.mustache might be beneficial, he has lots of knowledge!

Lastly be sure to check out the #meta:forum-guide for all of the rules and regulations of this awesome forum! Have a great rest of your day!

Hi there, welcome to the community 👋🏻

Same for me. What version of BlueStacks are you using?

Sorry if I went against the rules and regulations. I would love to speak with @ re22_official but new at this and don’t know how. I am just wondering if I can use my Logitech extreme 3d pro joystick with my PC. I would give anything! Bluestacks 4.2 works wonderfully on my new gaming laptop.

I use Bluestacks 4.2 and it works GREAT on my gaming laptop but my question is about using the joystick with it. I have a logitech extreme 3d pro

Click on his gray nametag here -------> @cpt.mustache Then, you will see his profile tab. Click the name again to be redirected to a page that is his profile. Then select “message” in blue. You’ll be all set then!

You did nothing wrong! ;)

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