BlueStacks Inquiry

I have pc Rtx 3050 24 gb ram Wanted to play IF on BlueStacks without any lag any recommendations for settings(i.e display resolution etc)? Ik IF don’t support pc service But still :)

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I used to use Bluestacks, but I now switched to a different emulator.

My PC’s specs aren’t nearly as good as yours but the game’s performance was really good at 60 fps with all graphics maxed and even the emulator’s settings set to around 4gb of ram and using only 2 cores of my cpu.

I’m currently flying right now and currently using a different emulator, and have plans to do another 100+ hour flight :P

Philippines 453PR Heavy
KJFK - RPLL Polar route


Just in case you were wondering what my PC is like…


Ryzen 5 5600X
GTX 1650 Super

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Which emulator are you using?

Currently using LDPlayer 9

everything in my pc is smooth as well but at airport during heavy traffic hangs a lot

have you figured out how to use interior and exterior drone can in your emulator?

Yes sir, it’s kinda hard to explain it, but I hold left click, and drag.

If I click and drag, and it just revolves around the aircraft, then I’m clicking on the wrong area. So I just pick out an area of the screen where, when I click and drag, the camera moves instead, the movement is really tricky too cause then you have to get your mouse actions right if you want the camera to go forward or backward and up or down. It’s really hard to explain and I’m already losing braincells trying to write this. Apologies if this didn’t help much, but I think it may also have something to do with having different emulators.

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I’m trying it lets see

may i ask how joystick support is with that emulator?

bro can you send a video tutorial please? I will switch to LD player rn if it works

I honestly don’t know how to connect them, I use the Thrustmaster TCA officer pack Airbus edition, and have not gotten it to work at all, I am currently just using my keyboard and mouse as controls, and so far they’re not that bad :)

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ah ok! guess i’ll experiment around with it and see if i can get it to work

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Hello! What are your bluestacks settings? I simply can’t play multiplayer, when I click to switch from free flight to online, the game crashes. When I go to the online mode settings, it says that no Pilot/ATC voices were found, could be this?

Hey @CAPT.Anderson.Silva,

Bluestacks isn’t supported by Infinite Flight which is why you may see weird bugs such as this. What you can probably do is try an app restart.

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In LDPlayer9 I cannot configure the joystick.

Currently struggling with this on LD Player 9 as well, haven’t even resubbed due to that problem. I might just practice on mobile if the problem doesn’t resolve itself.

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