Bluestacks Emulator Graphics Bug

So I currently installed Bluestacks 5 on my PC, as well as IF, so I could do flights on my PC, and run good graphics, but the issue that I have bumped into, is that every time I click a setting, whether it be Medium or High, it automatically drops it to low, no matter where I click. This is sadly unfortunate for me, and I do not know if there is a fixed, since I have searched online and came back with no results

Infinite Flight does not officially support Bluestacks, so unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done on Infinite Flight’s side of things.

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Go back to version 20.3 and put the graphics you want, after that update to the latest version 21.8 and don’t change the graphics anymore, because this is a bug

How would I do this?

I’ve never heard of this bug, could you please provide a source?

This is just one of the many problems, I believe they happen because of the 64bits android emulator, if you want to see them all send me a pm

If the emulator was emulating a 32 bit device, Infinite Flight would not be running 21.8 in the first place.

How would I downgrade

I don’t know if I can say this, it can signal if not, But the only way I know is downloading an APK from 20.3, unfortunately.

will have to do until a proper fix

If anything, we do own the license to the sim, so no harm

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Yes, correct, but when 21.1 came out the first beta version it worked on android 32bits, everything worked perfectly with the IF, and after the second build of the beta that went all to 64bits it became chaos, there are errors that are frightening

That’s why I believe it’s a problem with the emulator

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LDPlayer4 has the same issue

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It is highly unlikely there will be a “proper fix”. As has been mentioned before, infinite flight does not support emulators, be it bluestacks, nox or even android studio.

There is simply just too high a variety of hardware configurations, and then a load of software issues that come with the x86/ arm emulation. As such, it’s not a “bug”, as it’s an unsupported format anyway.

Chances are also that emulators will permanently be unable to run the latest updates, as the majority of them are either still 32 bit android, or they don’t meet the necessary criteria to pass Play Protect, a now mandatory requirement for all android devices since 21.1

that’s fair

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