Bluestacks and IF

I just figured out Bluestacks with IF since I am returning my fancy school iPad back in. My personal tablet is a 2013 iPad Air 1st gen that unquestionably will not run the current version much less the last supported version on iOS 12.5.5. Initial impression is that I’m floored. The problem now is that I can’t figure out the controls and when I try to set graphics settings, I’ll select an option in the drop down dialogue, but the setting won’t actually stick, it will remain unchanged, whereas the drop down will have my preferred setting checkmarked.

Any tips or pointers on what is going on? Thank you!!!

First off, Bluestacks is not officially supported by Infinite Flight, and you are unlikely to receive any official support.

In regards to the graphics not sticking, haven’t got a clue on that. In regards to the controls, Bluestacks handles control mapping internally. You should be able to plug in a joystick or controller, map it within Bluestacks and then assign functions to those keys within infinite flight, though whether they’ll stick and work is another question.

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Ok cool! Wasn’t sure, I know I’ve seen some folks mention using IF with Bluestacks on here before

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