BlueStacks 4.120 working for IF

okay i said i would test the new bluestack 4.110.
I just made a flight from SBGR to LFPG was long and the result was EXCELLENT.
Much lighter and more accurate worked very well with infinite.
I recommend. To install is simple just download and install over the configuration I posted from your current bluestack. I’ve tested it too. You will lose nothing and will not conflict.


How is performance like with the a320 series using the live cockpit?

do you know if you can get a joystick working?

Hello this I do not know but I think it will not be a problem because these tests my I do on an old PC to see how much is possible and so far was wonderful the flight, even the graphics improved.

I haven’t tried it yet I have been asked, but I have no joy.
I am to acquire my intentions was to use buttons this already done. I pilot using the mouse as a joystick and the keyboard to push the buttons. everything is pretty much like that.

Anyone tried bluestack on Mac?

Has version 19.3 already been released?

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A while ago, I’d download it soon and retest

Yes it has.

What’s bluestacks?

It’s a tool for running android apps on a pc

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What is bluestack

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Bluestacks is an Android Emulator. It is a program you install on your PC to run Android applications. Also the same thing that has been posted above.

Emulators are not officially supported for Infinite Flight due to the wide nature of configuration and PC options available.


Ok thanks.

Is there a Mac version?

Is there a version for IOS?

there sure is!

its purely for PCs and Macs I believe

Guys let me answer ok.
I have a post that teaches how to install Infinite on Bluestacks and is authorized by the IF team.
And although they say that it is not to run infinite I claim that it runs because I am and always fly ud my PC never and repeat, never used my phone.
MAC > Now there will be a Mac version coming soon.
There is a problem here in the Infinite group.
They say emulators are not good. Bluestacks are backed by major companies, investments from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, AMD, and Steam.
It is something serious and very well developed.
I think it’s bad to say that bluestacks do not work, I use no exception if they follow my post and install right works, remember that all my tests is on an old PC to see what is the simulation condition.

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At first I told the bluestacks team the problems with my IF and they helped me with the configurations I reported my performance and so some things went into the next versions. There was a problem and I warned here that in versions 4.60 to 90 the IF did not work and they fixed more things that 4.110 is the answer to the corrections. Of course other people talked about their problems but they are quick to see solutions.
The rest of how to use IF is my development.
I think about the advantages that a PC brings me and the people with disabilities who have adapted their computers and now with this alternative can fly and use the IF with more joy. Not everyone gets the best of a cell phone. Nothing against just that.

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