Blueprint Livery Screenshots from RDU-JFK

Decided to fly from RDU to JFK with my friend @BazeAeOfficial on the Expert Server a little before sunset. Departed from RDU on Runway 23R and landed Runway 22R at JFK. This flight took an hour and one minute. None of these were edited :)

Hi @BazeAeOfficial

Hey United!

DHL flew right below us

American 777-300ER and an American 787? Awesome!

Hello New York!

Bye American!

Have a good flight!


Edited or not, awesome pictures

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I don’t see any edit. It’s either sunrise or sunset

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Awesome photos!

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Thank you!

it was close to sunset. and nope, no edits! thanks!

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Nice pictures and thanks for the mention!

Looks like a good ole 31L landing too. 😁