BluePanda900's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed]

You all might remember me from a while ago – since I’m now trying to get back into the IF world, I’m retaking my IFATC test soon. To help me practice, I’d really appreciate it if we could get some people at KALB to fly some patterns. I should hopefully be able to provide some decent service for the training server if I haven’t forgotten everything!

Thanks, everyone!


I will be there shortly!!!

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Ummm, i hope you dont mind but I recommend to use an airport with parallel runways since thats the kind of airport you are going to get tested on, its what you choose after all.

Not exactly. ;)

I’ll stop in!


Alright then!!!

I understand, but I just want to be prepared for everything ;-)

I’ll stop by as well.

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I’ll swing by.

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Errr… autopilot broke. Coming back.

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Oops, can’t use the XCub with the winds right now. I’ll be back shortly

@BluePanda900 sorry about that, my brain read that as right downwind… correct decision though, well done. Coming back.

Y’all better not be bullying my RECRUIT 😡

Panda, let me know if Pingu gives you any grief. If so, L3 report next time I see him flying on the ES.


Mark me in the next training!

I’ll stop by

wow,wow,wow, exquisite controlling , dude you’re a pro, every sequence was on point re sequencing , utilizing the extend upwind and downwind pattern instruction on point, job well done, I can’t believe your not in the IFATC!!!


@TaipeiGuru I’ll be honest, I forgot the extend downwind command changed, sorry for sending you out so far!


Welp, turns out the SR22 can’t take the winds either. Good job though!

dude I was struggling in a 757 XD

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Not to go off topic but glad to see you coming back around. That makes 2 of us 🤩


Impeccable service. Well done, and probably better than I could do honestly, I’m a bit rusty. Very well thought out actions, and you’re really quick with the commands. Only feedback from me is that my runway exits were a tad late. I look forward to seeing you back very soon, and I’m glad to see you haven’t lost your touch.