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Blue winds
Basic info: Welcome to The blue winds group blue wind are an low cost norwigian airline who have its main hub in Oslo Gardemoen Norway we offer a bunch of flights over the globe we have many routs to popular destinations
Like the USA Canada France Spain Greece turkey Germany England Sweden Denmark Amsterdam Austria Thailand Russia Italy marocco
And we have a variety of planes

Medium and long haul Fleet
25 a319
20 a321
30 a330
5 b737
3 b787-8
Short domestic fleet
15 dash 8Q400
10 e170
Charter fleet
5 B737-800
4 B757-200

History: we started flying in 2016 we have grown super sonic fast
We started with short hops domestic and we just grow bigger to have outbound flights to England London and from there we began to think BIG then we buyed the most popular planes on the globe like a319s a321s a330 an now the 787!

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Nice! But where your website?

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This seems great! A great way to promote your airline is creating a website, this shows the level of professionalism your airline has.


working on itbro

Would you like to join the VA fly in on Saturday to make your VA bigger


Yeah sure!

how many gates would you like

mabye 3gates

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Can I please confirm if you still wish to compete in the VA fly kn

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