Blue tint

Why do my planes have a blue tint EXAMPLE-

My C-130 has a blue line for some reason. No matter what I do, I cant get rid of it

My 787 cockpit didn’t have a blue tint before the global update. Now it does and I cant get rid of it. Is this a glitch or the devs made it like this? My whole 787 cockpit is tinted.

Look up, I changed it :)

With global, Infinite Flight completely overhauled the rendering system of the sun. That blue tint just looks like the sun shining on the aircraft.
It was a big change for me too, but it was for the better. You get used to it.

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Are the devs going to fix it, or will It will stay forever?

There’s nothing to fix. It’s reflections from that blue sky you’re seeing. It’s the same in the real world, except we don’t have as much blue skies as in IF unfortunately…