Blue stacks

Is anyone familiar with the app player for PC called Blue Stacks. Apparently, it allows you to run Infinite Flight on a Windows 7 PC. I am interested because I am running IF on my IPAD 2 and it keeps crashing. Yes, I know I should upgrade my IPAD, But I can’t justify spending £650 to fly an aeroplane simulator, as much as I love Infinite Flight.

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is it authentic?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking the community. What I do know is that blue stacks is a bona fide company in the US.

i mean the version of infinite flight :p

Blue Stacks and IF do not go well together from my experience. Andy Emulator works better. I think it has to do with the graphics involved. Blue Stacks works great for other apps, just not IF.

Oh, sorry. Yes my version (IOS) is authentic.

Am I right in thinking that Andy emulator is an Android emulator and will, therefore, be no good for an Apple IOS based system?

Correct. Sorry I did not see that part. I am not aware of a good IOS emulator. I think it was posted somewhere else on here about blue stacks.

Yes I did a little more research on the web and found that there are quite a few android emulators available which will run under Windows. However, the only one I can find for IOS is something called Ipadian, but I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole as it is a VIRUS masquerading as an IOS emulator. It seems I’ve answered my own question.

You can try blue stacks. I think it has options for ios vs android. There is a free trial but I think the paid version is only a few dollars. It was a quality product when I installed it, not a virus.

Sorry, I wasn’t insinuating that Blue Stacks was a virus. Just that Ipadian is a virus.

Support for android emulators is patchy in a complex app like IF.

On saying that, however, [Andy] ( works well with IF and is free like BlueStacks.

Never trust any of these iOS simulators. The only official simulator that works is the one provided by Apple on OS X, but it’s very limited (designed for developers).

I’d hold out a little bit. A native Windows version has been talked about in the past, and this would probably be a better investment when it comes.

Android emulators- Possible and Legit
iOS Simulators- Certainly not legit and probably a nice virus for you :)

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Ask @dush19 :)

Bluestacks doesnt work. Andy works for IF

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I didn’t know what blue stacks was. Somebody downloaded it on a school computer that I use.

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