Blue Skies!

On Sunday, SWVA did a flash flight from KONT (Ontario) to KSJC (San Jose) and it was amazing!

Firstly, I would like to thank
For providing ATC at KONT and KSJC. A real hero!
Also everyone at SWVA for setting up the event!

Anyways, on with the pictures!

Route: KONT - KSJC
Aircraft: 737 - 700
Alt: FL360
Flight time: about an hour

Here are the tails (as you can see most of us were the Canyon Blue livery)

Lineup at KONT looked pretty nice!

Rotatè (also check out that lifeguard C130)

Landing at SJC, and an epic Delta 757 can be seen

Honorable mention to the F-14 that escorted @anon42527263 the WHOLE flight. The pilot did not have an IFC account but whoever you are, you are a legend 🤣


I guess they felt the need for speed.

Second, great photos. I love the flare on them.

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Hahah thanks! Also respect to the f14

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Proceeds to casually land halfway down the runway

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Wait which photo was this XD

Great pictures, especially the one of the landing! Thanks for sharing!

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That Jet was amazing I need to go take pictures from my replys!

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Thank you so much!

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You definitely should. He followed us the WHOLE way 😂

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