Blue ramp

Uhhhhhhm…Why is this?


Are you sure that it isn’t just the position of the sun that is making it look that way? Do you have any other screenshots from other angles?

Most likely just your contrast or brightness.

Looks, pretty normal?

Don’t you see half ramp blue and half norm?

That is normal. It is based on the sun, graphics settings, time of day, and camera angle.


It is the quality, the game is on a low quality. You can change it in settings, just up the quality a bit if you don’t want to see that. 👍

Lipz, venice

Maybe restart IF and it will be ok

Not about that, first time that happens

I have seen it before with my device being on a low quality, just give it a try and tell us what happens, if you don’t think that’s the reason still, that’s alright 👍

Sure, ill tell you

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Yeah it’s that but since my device would run slow with everything high I guess i’ll stick with it, thanks anyway guys

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That’s alright, maybe you can up the settings just a little bit, in order for the ‘blue ramp’ to disappear. Glad to help mate 👍 have a good day

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