Blue pulsing light at far right of screen?

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I’ve been using IF for a good long while now, and one thing I’ve noticed which I’ve never found out the meaning behind is a blue pulsing light at the far right of my screen at very sporadic times.

Does anyone know what this is?

It only ever appears on the IF app, and only ever whilst I’m in simulation mode (not on the main menue, selecting aircraft or airports, etc). It seems to randomly appear and I’ve never been able to link it to anything. This is not a line or a light that appears on the map or aircraft. It’s a light literally at the far right edge of the screen going up and down completely separate from the map and ATC windows.

TIA. :)

Hey there!

That doesn’t sound like something IF would do natively, it sounds like some third-party application is displaying said blue line over the app. Are you using a Samsung device, by any chance?

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Yes, correct! A Samsung S21!

But whilst on IF I never have any other apps open 🤔

Hmm, could be your device/virus/app

Maybe try redownloading or restsrting your phone

Can you take a screenshot and show? If it does not show in screenshot then it must be a device issue if

I don’t think it’s an issue as such. It seems like an intentional part of the app as it never covers or gets in the way of any of the inplay features.

Could be your storage or cache but since its happening only in IF thats why im asking to redownload

Unfortunately it’s really hard to get a screenshot/screen recording of it because it’s so sporadic and lasts for a matter of 5 seconds

If it does then just ignore it i guess but maybe screen record cuz that can capture the 5 seconds

The next time I fly I’ll screen record the flight and will upload the part it occurs at. I’ll do a flight tonight so will try to post later with an example. My phone is relatively new so I don’t think it’s a virus or an issue with the phone as the app runs perfectly, etc

I understand, hopefully a recording will help since it could be a easy to identify if issue, maybe with the lighting since the android version for some reason has more problems then ios

Could it be this youre talking about? Flashing lights in the sea

Okay, then it’s a Game Booster feature. The blue line you see at times is Samsung’s Game Booster indication of reducing performance and lowering the sound volume so it doesn’t overheat - it appears when your phone reaches temperatures of about 45°C. I’m also using a Samsung device and have this blue bar appear regularly, it’s not something to really worry about - your device and data are safe, it’s not a virus as a fellow user suggested above.

What I’d recommend is that you tone down your graphics settings during non-crucial phases of the flight in order to lower the GPU usage and, therefore, temperatures.

If you really want to, you can turn the Game Booster service off altogether by opening IF, sliding down (as you would when checking your notifications to trigger the navigation bar), then tapping on the gamepad-like icon in the bottom right corner. That’ll open the Game Booster menu. Then, tap on Monitoring Temperature and disable Auto manage performance. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t recommend doing that, since it could cause your device to thermal throttle further, and potentially cause heat damage to your device. I would recommend toning down the graphics settings available in-flight, as I said above.

The Game Booster service will display that blue bar if your device’s temperature reaches 45°C in any game, not just Infinite Flight. However, it will not display it in any other apps (E.g. Instagram, TikTok, etc.), as they’re not games and aren’t recognized as such.

If you want a further read on what the Game Booster service on Samsung devices is, you can take a look here. It also features screenshots with instructions on how to disable the automatic performance management.

No need for that. Generally, it’s the last resort when troubleshooting :)


Oh sorry I completely forgot about samsungs optimization features😂 i thought it as a virus since it was so random but then got confused since it was only in if

I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head! It does appear to be exactly what you’ve said, and IF is the only app I tend to use that requires a high level of performance from the phone.

Thank you so much for the information and advice! I’ve been wondering for so long and I guess it makes sense now because it does tend to appear when my phone gets hot.

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