Blue Panorama B757-200

I think it would be cool to see this livery on the reworked B752. Unfortunately this plane is no longer used to Blue Panorama but always very cool, especially for Italian people around the IFC🇮🇹.

About Blue Panorama:

Blue Panorama is a private Italian airline operating intercontinental, international, and national charter and scheduled flights. It was founded in Rome in 1998 by Franco Pecci, and has been an member since 2002 .Since 2005, Blue Panorama fleet has operated national and international flights for the Blu-Express low-cost division.

In January 2012, Alitalia declared interest in a merger with Blue Panorama, as well as with Wind Jet, another Italian airline. In April 2012 Alitalia decided not to proceed with the acquisitions.In October 2012, Blue Panorama entered bankruptcy protection.This license gave the airline the ability to restructure itself. On 25 November 2013, Blu-express started flights from Italy to Tirana International And after that ceased operations there.

Thanks for visiting this topic and if you want let’s vote this beauty!

Cool man! Let me find a vote!


This has my vote for sure! We have just Alitalia and AirOne (which was a subsidiary of Alitalia) in IF as italian companies, so it would be a great addition!


Sad that it didn’t get added :(


Yeah, totally true… I would like to have more Italy represention. We just have old Alitalia planes (unless 772 and the generic 77W)… Not even callsigns😢 hopefully, devs will do something🤞🏻