Blue Bay Climb Out

1) More flights from the Bay Area! This time in Blue1 as I recreate old routes I flew when we were in regions! I used Blue1 because I like the colors and livery. Also, I like getting even better at flying the 717, especially as it may be removed from the game soon. 😔 Anyway’s, I found the shots rather nice, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing!

2) Expert Server, KSFO - KSTS (Santa Rosa) GAPP7 SFO SAU Departing RWY 28R

3) Photos

@Aidan0629 in the 739!

Anyone recognize the bridge?


Unrealistic but okay!

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When did you take these photos? I remember flying a UAL 739 to SFO I forgot when

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mad respect for using the 717’s physics :)


April 12 was the flight!

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