Blue Angles for Infinite flight

Hi everyone, I was just cruising along the highway when I came up with an idea. I don’t know if I should make this a feature or just propose an idea! What if Infinite flight created a Stunt flight team that consisted of highly skilled fighter jet pilots inside the game. They’re could be a special server or event that would allow users to spawn in at an airport and watch the pilots attempt stunts and formation flying. I think this could be insanely cool and attract many new users into the IF scene!!! Let me know what you think, and if someone has already requested this; Just link it down below for people like me who want to vote for this! Thx for stopping by and be safe! Enjoy the weekend!!



However I do believe this is a wonderful Idea, I think there is already a topic related to this? Correct me if I’m wrong please :)

I hope their is an Infinite Flight livery on the F-18 so me and my bro can do stunts and not be part of the blues but just fly for fun in a special IF livery

It’s similar but not the same, I mean the livery would help make it possible but you still need to find skilled fighter pilots and planning to make it work. The livery is one step towards the end goal!!

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Ohhhh! I understand ya now, this is actually a great idea and I’d love to see it added into the game.

sorry for the confusion😉

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Im thinking about starting up a VA for it BUT Im too busy for it so maybe in the the feature. Would be pretty cool if they had that tbh but I don’t think the special server would be neccessary. They would probably need to do some fixing so they could Aerobatics somewhere without violations(casual server, but you wouldn’t want anyone interfering)


Let me know if you starts that VA 😃


Me and @DeltaMD88Fan are already planning a Blue Angels VO (Known as Blue Angels Mobile), based on our experiences with DCS: World virtual airshows and the former Virtual Airshow Council VO back in 2019.

Once testing and trials are complete with the IF Super Hornet on release (we need to be sure it flies good enough for the ridiculously tight formations the Blues employ), we will release the VO to the community. For now, just stay tuned. 😉


😍Count me in the moment it releases.

I second @CaptainAli_yt 's statement! Can’t wait to see what comes of it!

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