Blue angels Teams

Are there any display teams (blue angels, thunderbirds etc) currently operating on IF? Unable to find any, if anyone knows of any then if you could let me know, that would be great. Thanks in advance


I don’t believe so. Me and some friends tried starting a blue angels group, but it went nowhere when we realized how difficult it would be

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That Makes sense. I understand the difficulties of making something like that work, but thought somewhere on the IFC there must be a functioning team.


USAF Cadet AS100-200 still didn’t finish

Functional team or not……. I’m out maneuvering every formation

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Not a demo team but check this out


Been a member of 349th since September last year 😎

I am in the VFA-81 Sunliners team 💥🦈, but we all speak Spanish, it is the fundamental requirement to be able to practice and air shows. This is the instagram of the squadron:


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