Blue Angels Squad

Today is a release Day of F/A-18E so, i finally can fly casually in Blue Angels livery.

Blue Angel 1 - @Flight_Pilot04 (RIP violation)

Well, here what ive got…

Standing at parking Gates with BA1

BA1 Starts moving to 3R

Me started moving to 3R

Our Squad moving to 3R

Squad of 4 Angels, ready for takeoff



Very cool! Hope you can practice and master the formation flying. Loving to see all of the pictures today from the F18!

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Dang a lot of nice pics u got there

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What awesome pictures @Shafran

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Nice photos! You should join the IFBA in the future :)

I got a video of our break out maneuver. Infinite Flight Blue Angels Break Out - YouTube


I love the quality of these pics !

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Really cool!