Blue Angels Run to Las Vegas

Hello Infinite flight community this weekend I decide to fly From Pensacola Sherman Fid AFB to Las Vegas Nellis AFB in the F/A-18 Super Hornet in the Blue Angels Livery to do a show I will take off at 1:00 PM in the morning on Saturday in Expert Server my Callsign is Blue Angels 00 see y’all there :)



Aircraft Livery Departure Arrival
F/A-18E Blue Angels KNPA N/A


Tanker Livery Departure Arrival Pilot
KC-10 USAF KNPA N/A @Butter575


  • I’m not Responsible For any Violations
  • Do not Exceed 350KNT Under 10000 Feet
  • Do not Try maneuvers until arrival to Dest
  • Follow ATC instructions As given
  • Stay 10 NM Away From other Jet
  • Do not interact with a commercial airliner

————————-Good Luck Pilots————————-



Tomorrow is going to been fun! But we still need a KC-10 For us to make it to Las Vegas

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I’ll be the extender, do you need my cruising and speed?

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ATL : 360
SPD : 450

Information ___ **ATL : 360** **SPD : 310** **FPL : N/A** **Aircraft : F/A-18E** **Livery: Blue Angels** ____
No FPL need Follow me to Las Vegas Nellis AFB From Sherman Fid KC-10 is for fuel Only do not leave him behind this is a formation flight wait for me Blue Angels 00 to move to the Runway be professional at all times let KC-10 Takeoff First good luck and see y’all tomorrow :)

Here we go blue Angels moving to Las Vegas

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I’m probably gonna join I am gonna be a few minsate though

@Aviation_Jerry i just realized I can’t be the Tanker because I’ll already be attending another event, I’m so sorry

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What server are y’all on for this event?

It’s on expert I think

I’m going to join y’all as an extra fuel tank.

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Alright sorry @Butter575

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I said I’ll join as an extra fuel tank. Keep Butter with us. (I don’t think I can survive this flight but I’ll stay with y’all until I don’t feel like flying) I’m the extra one.)

Yeah thanks for helping

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Keep butter with you, I’m not going to be on for the whole flight. I’ll try to stay as long as I can.

Alright sounds good

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To refuel you’ll have to go way slower than 450 and about 24-28000 ft for proper refueling

Was gonna say this. First a tanker can’t even reach 450 lmao. And ye recommended altitude is FL240.

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Alright yall i understand that

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Ummm I don’t know