Blue Angels F/A 18E Super Hornet

Hello Infinite Flight Community,

As the results of the F/A18 poll is out and no one has made a feature request for this livery yet, I am requesting the Blue Angels FA18 Super Hornet livery be added to Infinite Flight.

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This would go well with the c130 we already have in Infinite Flight.

About the F/A 18E

About the Blue Angels

That would provide the option to make some Blue Angels group flights, including the Fat Albert which we already have. I´m in


The only problem with this is that each plane won’t have its number in the squad we would only get Blue Angle 1 not the entire squad 💙💛


That´s a sacrifice I´m willing to take.

Yet still a sacrifice


Gotta make another feature request to keep the devs aware of this as I’m sure the Blue Angels are important in this rework (because it was mentioned in the winning poll main thread). I’m sure it’ll be achievable to copy-paste 6 liveries with different numberings 1-6?


It’s achievable but it takes up space in which other liveries could be put. Just removing the specific number on the tail would make more sense to me.

I think it’s fair to say you could save your votes. I can’t imagine this wouldn’t be added. Will be my most used livery most likely.


Please make this a thing, we all know this is likely to come to the sim but before we let this thread sink I want to point out some things.

Please don’t add pylons or weapons to this livery, these jets never wear them and are strictly show jets.

If a number is added to the tail please ensure it is one from 1-6 or a blank tail, not a fictional number (8,9,10) as that is unrealistic. Also 7 doesn’t work for this either as the 7 jets owned by the blues are F models.

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Backing this up. The Blues are clean jets and are to stay that way. We don’t need unnecessary pylons

(If the load out is adjustable on other liveries that would be awesome!)

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That’s what I’m hoping @DeltaMD88Fan, me and the crew can manage. 😬

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Added with the recent F-18 rework. Enjoy!