Blue Angels F/18 Suprise Fly-By!

I was watching some YouTube and I came across a video that made me laugh so hard, that the water I was taking a drink of, flew out of my nose.

In the video, it shows a Blue Angels F/18 off in the distance doing some skillful moves, but out of nowhere! Blue Angels #5 decides to make a low flyover and scare all of the unexpecting beach goers. It also causes most of there stuff to fly all over the beach.

Just something I thought y’all would enjoy.😉


The Blue Angels fly the F-18

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This just shows that I need to get to bed ASAP

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More fighter jets at that beach then in all of New Zealand.

We need some lol
@JacindaArdern let’s do this


Awesome video! I love the F/18s!

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Yeah they’re awesome. I’ve went to one of their airshows in Pensacola a few years ago.

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That was pretty neat. I would’ve loved to go swimming then.

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Lol they keep people out of the water during the event 😂

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America summed up in one video.


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