Blue Angels & Co. Set to Fly Over Michigan

Ready Up Michiganders!

The Blue Angels are set to fly over Michigan tomorrow May 12, 2020 to solute the many hard workers working on the front line of defending COVID-19. The cities include Detroit and Ann Arbor. They are set to take off from Sutton Lake at 11:30 am eastern time, then will fly over Detroit and the surrounding areas. Finally set to land at Detroit Metro at 11:51am.

Also in Michigan, the “Warthogs” will be flying over Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, and Traverse City. While a KC-135 tanker flies over Lansing, Marquette, and Flint. That flight plan is still yet to be posted.

So if you live in Michigan get your cameras out if you live in the right areas!

Picture Source

Department of defense


If only I was there with my fam right now. I was planning on going to Detroit next month but that’s prob not happening. Should be cool to see this happen though!

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Detroit is definitely the last place you want to be in Michigan. Hope your family there is safe and healthy.

On the other hand hopefully I’ll be able to see the Warthogs!

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Oh cool! We are getting a flyover tomorrow in Buffalo!

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Here’s the Warthog flight plan for tomorrow.

Here are the Warthogs! Some very good looking A-10s!


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