Blue Angels birthday DEC292016

On Dec.29th( my birthday) I’m getting the c130. To celebrate, I have decided that we do some formation patterns.

Server: Training Server 1

Time: 12:00 Western U.S time.

Airport: KNUC.

Aircraft: Any fighter (preferably f18s).

Cruising speed: 240kts( follow me for alt)

Our formation will look something like this.

.= Fighters.
. .
. .

This will continue depending on the amount of fighters. On the first pass, we will go very low. On the second pass, we will do brake offs. Each time I waggle my wings, the pair of tail end Charlie aircraft will brake off. We will regroup on downwind. For the third pass, do freestyle manuvers, then we will land. Hope to see you there!

P.s please let me know if you’re actually coming, or the event will be cancelled.

Do to no one coming and that I have plans for tomorrow, the event is cancelled.


Please wait until you become a member (TL2) to create event threads. Thanks in advanced. :)


Darnit, it didn’t show the formation the way I wanted it. Hopefully it shows here.

        .           .

OK thank you for the advice

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Hello, this sounds great. but your not a member (TL2) yet on the forum. Just read , reply and like and you are sure to get there in no time.

Edit: Did not see @CptNathanHope had beat me to it, sorry for you being told twice. Have a good day.

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OK thanks. I’ll start with your reply lol.