Blue Angel Livery For F-18

So I know that for the C-130 has the option for the blue angel livery(which I really enjoy). Is there anyway or does anyone know if they are planning on adding the blue angel livery to the F-18s?

Maybe if the F-18 ever gets a rework.

This is such a great request that someone else has already made it! :)

Go Vote Folks:

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This is why we have the #features category, folks!

Sorry, I’ve been really bad at making posts without researching, I’ll work on that. Apologies.

Don’t apologize… It’s a fair mistake.

While we are here though, you cant make a feature request until you are TL2. So work on getting that and then I expect great things from you!

Contact me if you need any help
Cheers Mate!


Ok, that’s good to know! Thanks for the help!

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