Blue Angel Fun!

Well today I wanted to try out the new F/A-18E super hornet since I didn’t have time yesterday. I spawned into NAS pensacola (Blue angels home) and used the blue angel livery to do some cool stunts. It was really cool because I actually accidentally joined a group of 3 other blue angels and joined them! It was really fun enjoy!

lined up with da boys

Another great taxi line up 😍

“Permission to buzz the tower?” “Negative pattern too full” NAH

Formation flying with @Avgeek3 ! That was great!


Finishing up while blue Angel 3 (AKA @Avgeek3) is doing a canopy wave.

Thats it! I really like this plane, the developers of this aircraft did absolutely amazing great job guys.


Amazing photos

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Thank you very much!

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Great photos wish I was there

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cool photos

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Thank you @Shafran and @AirCanada11 !

You could setup a live topic for formation flying and I guarantee that some people would definitely join!

I honestly just spawned in without knowing there was a formation going on

Actual crime in the F/A-18


Lol I tryed my best it was really hard 😅

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I’m seeing so many of these it makes me want to join GAF

Amazing pictures though!

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Yeah same! And thank you!

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So many F-18 Topics! Love the photos BlueThunder! 🤩

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Hornet created for hard lands, IFC - LETS BUUTTER IT.

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Yeah I love it too! Its so fun!

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Lol I tryed my best not to land hard but it was a decent landing, but butter for the F/A-18

I was the first f-18 that spawned there, and never Intended to do a formation. I was just gonna take it for a spin until you and two other blue angels spawned next to me lol

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I think I saw y’all I was parked In Front I think you guys had to get in front of me haha 😂

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Yeah thats crazy, I enjoyed that

Lol, we were a big crowd.

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