Blue Air's First 737MAX Flight! [Test Flight]

Hello, IFC!

I recently saw some posts on the FR24 thread about Blue Air receiving their first 737 max, and that reminded me to post this picture!

This is Blue Air’s 737 MAX taking off for it’s first ever flight! This was a short test flight from Renton to Moses Lake, and it was the first time the livery was seen in the area!

For reference, Boeing is quite good at hiding new liveries, as this one was taken out of the hangar under the cover of dark and took off very early the next morning.

This was one picture, which is unusual for my spotting topics, but I thought this was a cool picture and just wanted to share :)

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@AndrewWu you liked this topic in 3 seconds jeez get off IFC for a bit XD

That livery looks awesome in the MAX! And it’s a MAX, so I’m just obligated to like! Lovely job!


Thank you so much! I couldn’t agree more, this is by far the best livery I have ever spotted from KRNT and my favorite livery on the MAX for sure…

…maybe after Fiji :)

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Aw, I like Cayman’s livery personally!

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YR-MXB 😍 The first one (YR-MXA) is actually being delivered today. Really great photo!


That’s great news for Blue Air, as I believe they have 10 737 Max orders but good to know the first have been undergoing tests for it to be ready to be delivered to Blue Air.
I am scheduled to fly Blue Air from Heathrow to Iasi later this year in October & I hope maybe I will get the chance to fly on 737Max for the first time. Time will tell.
Thanks for sharing @Robertine

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Very cool picture! I didn’t even know they were due for a new livery, which is really looking great!

Interesting that they didn’t cover it up like Airbus did with the Aegean NEOs when the livery was new.

Thanks for sharing!

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For sure an excitement for us, romanians! A stunning livery on a stunning aircraft!😁


Very tasty 👌🏻 Hopefully we’ll be seeing it at Dublin eventually 👀 🤞

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