Blue Air 737 Livery Series

Insight On BlueAir : As many of you are aware , many budget airlines including easyJet and Ryanair only serve one type of aircraft and limit their service to many locations. Blue Air flies to over 100 different locations and offers an entire fleet of 737’s at their hands. So far , BlueAir is also the BIGGEST Romanian airline as of 2016 and has a beautiful range of “blue liveries”. Their main hub is located at Henri Coandă International Airport or in Bucharest (Largest Romanian Airport In Europe) They are very successful at the moment and I believe their livery should be added to Infinite Flight
I Only Included the Aircrafts that are in Infinite Flight:

I am continuing the conversation from this thread although it does not give specific information on the types of 737’s that the airlines also provide

Blue Airlines Fleet:

The B737-700:

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The B737-800:

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A Quick Note: Although I do not own any of the pictures, the liveries I believe look excellent and look to be very well thought out. The Liveries are also very unique to its original design so it also looks very cool

More Liveries:
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You should choose your favorite out of these. Feature requests should only be requesting 1 livery/plane. So choose your favorite, and either edit your title and post or create a whole new post dedicated to your favorite livery.


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