Blooming Aviation in India!

People have started taking aviation seriously in India nowadays. It feels good to watch this as an Indian citizen. Earlier posted about the Colombo - Mumbai flight on an A330-343. Always exciting when you’re flying home. So, decide to have another flight flying back home, this time with a B777 in the Singapore colours. Recently flew this beautiful Singapore Airlines B777 on the Singapore - Delhi route. Here are some photos :)

Route - Singapore - Delhi
Aircraft - Singapore Airlines B777-363
Flight Time - 4 hours 49 mins

Taxing at Singapore Changi Airport

Take off at one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

Over Lucknow, India.

Short Final on the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.

Touchdown at Delhi :)

Taxing at Delhi.

Parked at a remote stand at Delhi Airport. What a View !!