Blood Rush and Blackout effects.

To make infinite flight more realistic while in cockpit view, there should be Blood Rush and blackout effects.

Simple Definitions for each condition.

Blood Rush

When you are near or completely upside down all of the blood in your body will go to your head causing you to see red.


This happens when you pull a lot of G’s and all of the blood goes your feet. Causing the opposite effect of a Blood Rush.

Make sure to vote if you think that this would make Infinite Flight more realistic!

(I couldn’t find any pictures of Blood Rushes or blackouts.)

Duplicate, You can cast your vote here:

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This is quite interesting! Never heard of this! I’m out of votes, but I guess this wouldn’t be so bad, I mean, it makes things more realistic, and that is what the devs have always been aiming for. However, I don’t think this would be added anytime soon, for they are so busy with much more! 😉

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I mean, it’s a flight simulator, not a biology simulator…

Sure, this might happen in flight, however I don’t view this as an important feature that would improve the simulator at least right now.

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