Blood moon in IF?

Today as I did a flight on the expert server from midway to LaGuardia, the sun was setting as I was over the state of Pennsylvania. But what I also saw was a blood moon! It rose up as the sun came down. I thought this was really cool, but did this blood moon happen IRL, if not then why did IF add it? (PS, this made taxi VERY hard on arrival because blood moons provide barely any light)
Here are some pics of it:

Blood moon rising (it looked way cooler later on in the flight but this was just when it was rising)

Sun setting


They have accurate moons in IF according to date. I don’t believe it’s a blood moon tonight but I know one thing: Today is a Sturgeon Moon, when sturgeon fish are most easily caught :)


Today is not the blood moon date but from what I have recognized in IF, when the moon is at a certain angle at the atmosphere, you can get a very red moon. Almost made a post about it when I saw it. So I knew exactly what this was before clicking on it 😎

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Oh well that’s cool that you knew it! It was very beautiful but a burden about it was that it was that everything was a dark abyss except for the runway lights hahah

I accidentally deleted my other response

@Bravo59 Yeah, I flew 6 legs consecutively today (CVG-CMH-DTW-OSH-DBQ-STL-CVG) and was on current time as well. I just finished probably 10 minutes before you posted this and I saw the red moon too. Really nice effect for sure. Hopefully we see taxi lights soon.

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There was a blood moon here in Miami!

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