Blocking Runway Violation

I was following the atcs instructions which was to line up and wait on runway 27 at ksan today when a swarm of incoming traffic arrived at the airport on the other end of the runway. waiting about 5 minutes for it to clear, just as the last plane landed i got kicked from the server for “blocking” the runway.
I was at grade 4 and was following the atcs instructions so why did i get the violation and the kick?
i have to wait 3 days until i can get my Grade 4 back which i believe is unfair. Did i do anything wrong?


I am not sure I understand. You were cleared to line up on the runway 27 but then the controller cleared others to land on 09 after you taxied on to runway 27?

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I’m guessing this was on PG. Next time made move up an inch every minute. It was the controllers fault not yours.


thats right.

Alright cheers

Thanks. I would agree with @Riley_Dunshea, unfortunately bad controlling does happen on PG and it wasn’t your fault.

Really? I always thought that if you were instructed to Line Up and Wait then the violation would not be given.

I thought so to

Then after one minute after line Up and wait on the runway, you can send ‘request take off’ message (again). Maybe the controller forgot you.

So, is it a ghosting or a violation?

I got removed from the server and a violation. I can rejoin

You don’t really get removed but you become invisible. That is ghosting.

He kept sending me the hold position command and a thank you command so I assumed he was just waiting for the incoming traffic to clear before clearing me.

Being Idle on a runway will give you a warning and then i think a automatic ghost i think?

I was staying on the runway at EGLC playground where no-one was there. so I just went in and make FPL while on the runway. I got runway violation which downgrades me to grade 3 for 3 days but I did not get ghost

Lol…you know…the runway isn’t the best place to fill out your flight plan…wherever PG or Advanced…


yea, my fault just want to feel and get inspired by the runway so i can get a good flight plan

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