Blocking connection outside of airspace

Wouldn’t be better if pilots can only contact frequencies with in the active airspace for tower coz many pilots are calling inbound too quickly like far as 20NM. As a result tower have to do work like approach from outside of airspace. To be honest it’s ridiculous to me.


I’m sure this frequency range thing is still being worked on or at least will be worked on…

I get your point, but that would cause some serious problems if you are controlling on a tower frequency, and don’t have anyone on the approach frequency helping you out. The pilots would be contacting you too late and your sequencing will go south…


I agree, if its left till your on final then it would just be like Pg in SoCal if you dont have centre or approach i think you should atleast let the tower know your on your way in good time so theny can plan for your arrival with other traffic

Yeah, that one opinion, but currently we don’t have any command that instruct particular command nor heading.
Once we got them, I think my think will be same as you.

No, but we have sequencing which should be enough and most of the times are.

Yeah we do, but it’s not useful at some situation as long as some pilots are not getting what it’s means or ignoring ATC.

Can’t do much at for those pilots, they will always exist and cause trouble. But soon enough they’ll learn :)

I think it’s fine the way it is for sequencing or even better clear guys to land and forget about them if you have assigned a specific runway for landing