BLOCKED User Global Thread

For tracking users with the callsign Blocked

No just no please no

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What is the point in this thread? Just add to ‘Evolution of Global’

Apparently it was “clogging up”


Please yes.

Only real update should go in the other thread now.

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BLOCKED 7 heading for Scotland

I’m so confused , i may of just come back from a Christmas party but I’m not that drunk !


People with the callsign “Blocked” are flying to other places we can’t get access to without their throttles being cut. We assume they are testing Global

This is just a thread of the BLOCKED user flying group

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Oh now I get it…

I think, we carry on on evolution of global feed, and then it’s all in one place. I enjoy coming on and looking down these thread for all things global

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Nice to hear from you though Thomas :) hope you had a nice Christmas :)


No. Please No.

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Nah this is better.

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Yes I did , thanks very much for asking and BLOCKED7 is overhead Leeds. It must be global testing

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BLOCKED7 heading to Scotland