Blocked by ATC

I’ve just been blocked by the ATC at LIMC for apparently ‘Blocking the taxiway’??? I followed all instructions and was first in line for takeoff. I don’t understand how I was blocking the taxiway when I was holding short of runway 35L?

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Who was the ATC (Check your logbook and PM them)

I can’t remember their name…I’ve been disconnected from the live server, so can’t see my atc communication history. But this happened just now at Milan Malpensa

You have to be at the hold short line. You are still on the taxiway in your screenshot.

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Please check you logbook and see who the controller was

Yes, but there was a plane in front of me who suddenly disappeared, so I was taxiing to the hold short line slowly and requested for takeoff

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No need to discuss this here, find the name of the controler and talk to him/her via PM :)
It´s probably @Ray_Wang


I PM you, Thanks!

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I couldn’t remember his name. Thanks for tagging

To request for take-off, you don’t need to wait till stopping on hold short line. You can request while you are taxiing but you should be closer closer closer to hold short line.

Topic can be closed, I PM you

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