Blinking black screen

Hey guys! I’m back after a long 3 month period of inactivity, I realized I dropped to grade 3 so I decided to do patterns to boost back to grade 4. Throughout the whole flight, the sky and the whole background would blink black, this occurred with the 737-BBJ and the A-10.
See the video on my YouTube channel which I’ve set to link only.
I’ve tried to clear the scenery cache yet that doesn’t help, I’m on an iPhone 10R that’s brand new and am looking for an answer, to my knowledge it only happens in cockpit cam.

Hi this is different than the scenery glitch. At this point if this doesn’t clear up after rebooting your device I would just delete Infinite Flight and reinstall it.

I have an Xr as well and haven’t experienced this :)


Will do, I’ll get back to you.

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This happens to me. Like Everytime I fly. It only happens on certain camera modes. I have tried everything to troubleshoot. Nothing works

Hang on, it seems to only happen on multiplayer, I’ve tried it on solo and it was fine but in live, I can’t go more than 5 seconds without a “blink” of the screen. Any further ideas?
I’ve tried it across multiple aircraft and many airports.

I own a Google Pixel 3 and don’t experience this. And I always fly on live. Could it be something to do with the operating systems or hardware?

I only had a black screen when zooming too much. I think that was during CRJ testing. I just avoided zooming in cockpit views. I guess I have a habit now of avoiding having to zoom while in cockpit view while flying on the Xr.

Have you tried a reinstall though like I mentioned earlier?

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My friend is on an iPad and flying in live, I asked him to zoom in and out on the cockpit view, I did the same on my plane. We got nothing. No blinking or flashing. I’m just trying to give Levet some information, not trying to spam or be off topic .

Yes, the same blinking issue persists.

Okay, so I’m willing to bet that you won’t have the blinking if you changed the camera to Captain (No VC). Please test that out and confirm. I will pass this info along to the team. I’d recommend recording again once you’ve switched to the camera view I suggested as the two videos will help us track down the issue.

Will do, give me 5

I have an iPhone Xr iOS 12.1.4 and I’ve made several attempts to reproduce this with no luck. Tried all of the cockpit views and zoomed all the way in and out several times at different angles.

I hate being redundant so you’ve deleted the app from settings and storage and completed a fresh install? That will be key for us to have a clean slate and benchmark to work with. Also what OS build are you on?

This only happens to me when I zoom the camera in so it looks like a wide angle lens…

Only then do I get the glitch.

Yes I’ve fully deleted and re-installed the app, I’m on iOS 12.1.4 and the latest version of IF software to my knowledge, I’ve attached a photo.

Secondly, you’re right, it goes away on the no VC mode, here’s the video link which has both segments of blinking with the cockpit and seamless no VC flight.

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Thanks again for that. I’m going to close this for now but will update once we’re able to discuss with the devs. Have a good night, Chris

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Thanks for the help!

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