Blatant Disregard for TSATC or Learning

So this grade 4…which follows all EXPERT ATC instructions when flying ES…for fear of ghosts…or decided to ignore my correct TSATC instructions…I have the replay as proof…or is this pilot still LEARNING how to follow correct TSATC commands or just decided to takeoff on the wrong RWY per winds and TSATC communications…because of no consequences…I’m confused

…I am in no way trying to be condescending

Hey, I know you’ve been frustrated about this before, but like we said weeks ago, it is training server. Your TSATC title is “oblivious” to the pilots on training server. They don’t know, which is a given considering it is training server. It is unfortunate, but there’s really not much that mods, supervisors, etc. can do.

If you want better quality ATCing, join IFATC. We’d love to have you :)

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My question is who is learning here or is the pilots intentions, I’m just going to do what I want to do regardless because there is no consequences …as that was definitely not the runway I instructed…the pilot thankfully about airborne was correct


Many users on the Training Server are there to learn. But others aren’t. It’s a shame but some people enjoy trolling or are perfectly content with staying on the Training Server and disregarding ATC instructions as it suits them.

You should know, however, that for the many pilots ignoring you, there are also many who listen and learn thanks to your service. So do keep up that ethic!

As @Thunderbolt suggested, maybe consider joining IFATC. We’d love to have you on board!


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🙏 the best response so far

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90% of grades 4&5 on TS have got there by farming xp by doing numerous touch and goes at KLAX on casual. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done other than ignore them and take them off of your frequency by swiping right on your controller pad.

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Hi there!
Unfortunately this is training server so nothing much can be done! When being ATC you get lucky with who you were dealing with! (e.g I was just controlling KLAX tower and ground for 1 hour and yes there we’re some annoying people + callsign a but the majority were good!) just brush it off make a silly face at them through the screen and continue controlling!
Happy Flying :D

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The second best response…thank you very much…

So just chalk it up to ts…classic 🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣😭👌 at least on ts we can close quickly due to frustration…a silver lining 🤣🤣👏🏽

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But these same grinders know EXACTLY what to do on expert…🤔until I’m on the forum reading the daily…I got ghost 👻/reported 😂😂point taken ✔️

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These people who are G4/5 often just come onto TS to troll people…its annoying…but its life…


Let them tell it…TSATC knows not a thing because I would not with a clear conscience instruct you to takeoff from the wrong runway…response to this pilot… thank you good day

I see you post about your frustrations every so often. Just wondering why you haven’t joined IFATC yet? You’ll surely have a better experience on the ES.

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Unfortunately, TS is kind of lawless. Not as lawless as casual, but it sure is close. In cases where pilots are not regarding your instructions, it is best to just ignore them and let them do their own thing, while giving your attention to the pilots who ARE following your instructions. On the same note, Grades are not so much a distinguisher of what skill a player has, but rather how active they are. Consider joining IFATC if you want to have a more realistic ATC experience. :)

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